MH-C401U USB Smart Charger


·   Do not charge battery cells other than NiMH & NiCd. AA /AAA batteries must be able to accept a 0.5A charge current.

·   When charging batteries, do not mix batteries of different capacities or brands. Failure to do so may damage the batteries.

·   Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture due to the risk of fire.

·   Do not operate the charger if it appears damaged in any way.

·   Always place the battery cells with positive tip facing the top. Incorrect polarity may cause fire or explosion. Observe polarity diagram located on the charger.

·   Do not allow the unit to be exposed to direct sunlight. Operate in well-ventilated area.

·   Do not allow the battery terminals to become shorted.

·   To reduce the risk of damage to the USB cord, always pull by connector rather than the cord.



·   Charges 4 AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

·   Rapid charge 1 to 4 AA in about 4-5 hours and 1 to 4 AAA in about 2 hours.

·   Four independently-controlled channels charge and monitor each battery individually, charging it to its full potential without risking overcharging. ­

·   Charge from any 5V/2A USB power source.

·   Individual LED lights to indicate charge status.

·   Conveniently charge with the included USB cable (AC adapter NOT included).


Rapid Charge Current:


Trickle Charge Current:


Supported Batteries:

1 to 4 AA / AAA NiMH


4 independent circuits capable of charging batteries simultaneously.

– dV termination method


Short circuit and over-voltage

Charge Time:

120 to 300 Minutes*

Input Voltage:

5V DC/2.0A

* Charge time will vary depending upon the brand, capacity, and condition of batteries being charged.




·   It is highly recommended for brand new batteries to be charged and left in the charger overnight for the first charge to fully activate the batteries.

·   It is highly recommended to place batteries of the same charge/discharge state together to prevent uneven charging.


1.  Plug in the USB cable to a USB port that is capable of providing 5V/2A power output.


2.  The 4 LEDs will flash once and remain turned off.


3.  Insert the batteries in any slot to begin charging. 


4.  Battery charging is automatically initiated when the batteries are inserted. During charging, the batteries and charger will become hot.


5.  Light Indicators:

·   Light Off:  No battery inserted

·   Solid White Light:  Charging completed

·   Flashing White Light (once per second):  Charging in progress

·   Fast Flashing White Light (4 times per second):  Battery fault




The Powerex MH-C401U charger is warranted for one year from date of purchase, against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover, but not limited to, improper use, abuse, modification of product.