Download: MH-C204F Manual               

Thank you for purchasing the Powerex MH-204F Intelligent Rapid Charger.
Read these instructions carefully and thoroughly before operating this unit. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.


  • Do not charge any other chemistry of battery cells in addition to NiCD and NiMH.
  • When charging batteries, do not use batteries of different capacities or brands. Failure to do so may damage the batteries.
  • Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture due to the risk of fire.
  • Do not operate the charger if it appears damaged in any way.
  • Always place the battery cells with the positive tip facing top. Incorrect polarity may cause fire or explosion.
  • Always use the supplied AC adapter or cigarette lighter adapter (optional). The cigarette lighter adapter includes a fuse. CAUTION: for continued protection against the risk of fire, replace only with the same type and rating of the fuse.
  • Do not allow the battery terminals to become shorted.
  • To reduce the risk of damage to the AC power adapter, pull by connector rather than the cord when disconnecting.
  • Use of an attachment not recommended by or sold by the battery charger manufacturer may result in a risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons.
  • When using the optional car kit, the vehicle should never be started while the charger is in use. Damage to the charger could occur.


  • Rapid charge both rechargeable Nickel Cadmium (NiCD) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) AA / AAA size cylindrical battery cells.
  • Conditions and rejuvenate NiCD and NiMH batteries to enhance performance.
  • Microprocessor controlled rapid charge with automatic trickle charge.
  • Two independent circuits, each capable of charging two batteries (AA /AAA)

Rapid Charge Current:  500mA

Trickle Charge Current:  24mA

Discharge Rate:  240mA

Charging Cell Configuration:  Two or Four AA / AAA NiCD or NiMH

Microprocessor:  Two independent circuit, capable of charging and discharging batteries simultaneously. 0deltaV based.

Charge Time:  60-160 minutes*

Input Voltage:  12VDC 500mA

* Charge time will vary depending upon the brand, capacity, and condition of batteries being charged.


When using at home / office
1. Plug in the supplied AC power adapter into a 110V 60Hz outlet, without the charger attached.

2. Connect the charger to the connector-end of the AC power adapter.

3. You are now ready to place the batteries into the charger. Keep in mind that the charger consists of two independent circuitries. It is like having two separate chargers. Therefore, you can put a set of two batteries at bank 1 and 2, while placing a different set at the other. You must place either 2 or 4 batteries.

4. After you have inserted the batteries, you can either charge or condition them. If you wish to charge, simply leave the batteries in the charger. If you wish to condition, press the button located in the front of the charger. Now, simply wait until the appropriate lights show to indicate a full charge.

The conditioning feature rejuvenates your batteries and will eliminate the memory effect on certain batteries. It discharges and recharges your batteries. When the discharge is complete, the charger will automatically return to rapid charge mode.

It is normal for NiMH & NiCD batteries to become warm while been rapid charged. The temperature may reach as high as 131 degree F.

The following are the meanings for each color indicator condition:

RED:  Rapid Charging

GREEN:  Charge Completed

FLASHING YELLOW:  Conditioning

5. When the green lights are shown, the batteries are ready for usage.

When using in a vehicle 
(Optional Car Kit Required)

Make sure your vehicle’s output voltage is between 9V to 15V, and is capable of supporting a 500mA current drain. If you have any concerns regarding this, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

1. Plug in the supplied cigarette lighter adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, without the charger attached. Verify that the green power LED on the cigarette lighter adapter is illuminated. If LED does not light, your vehicle may need to be running in order to energize the cigarette lighter, or the inline fuse may need to be replaced.

2. Connect the charger to the connector-end of the cigarette lighter adapter.

3. Follow step four and five on the section “When using at home / office."