Q: Do you have a video on how to use the charger?

Q:  What is the difference between the MH-C940 and MH-C980 analyzer chargers?

The MH-C940 charger has gentler charging rates to maximize battery life. The Default Soft Mode charges in 4 hours and the Turbo Mode charges in 2 hours. The charger has a fanless operation with thermal protection.

The MH-C980 charger is much faster in charging batteries. The Default Soft Mode charges in 2 hours and the Turbo Mode charges in 1 hour. 

Q:  Can I charge my AA's and AAA's at the same time?
A:  Yes, you can charge both AA's and AAA's at the same time.

Q:  Can I leave my batteries in the charger? 
A:  You can leave your batteries in the charger once they are done charging and don't have to take them out right away. However, we DO NOT recommend storing your batteries in the charger. You can use a battery holder to store your batteries. 

Q:  What happens if I insert my battery in the charger backwards? Will it damage the charger or battery? 
A:  The charger will not charge that slot and will display a flashing number with a triangle underneath it on that particular slot number. This indicates there is a Battery Fault. 

Q:  Can I use other brand batteries in the charger? 
A:  Yes, as long as they are NiMH rechargeable batteries. However, we always recommend using Powerex batteries for best performance. 

Q:  Why does the charger display a lower mAh number than what my battery's rated capacity is when charging my batteries or when charging is Done? 
A:  The displayed mAh number represents the amount of energy that was charged into the battery. It is NOT the actual capacity of the battery. Think of it as when you put gas into your car. The gas pump will display how many gallons of gas was put into your car and not what it actually holds. If you would like to know the actual capacity of the battery, run the Conditioning Mode. 

Q:  Should I charge my batteries in the Turbo Mode or Default Soft Mode?
A:  The Turbo Mode can be used when you need your batteries charged quickly. The Default Soft Mode is used when charging time is not critical. We always recommend charging at a slower rate whenever possible. It maximizes the battery's life and its performance. 

Q:  How do I analyze my batteries?
A:  You can analyze your batteries by using the Conditioning Mode. At the end of the Conditioning Mode, the charger will display the available capacity of the battery. 

Q:  Why did the charger turn off after the initialization process? Is it broken? 
A:  After the initialization process, the charger will go into standby mode with the display turned off. Simply insert a battery to start charging. Click Here to take a look on our YouTube video